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Sales Kit

We provide an Online Sales Kit to help you market your business.

Use Stickers for:
1) Your window (s) .
2) On Cash register, POP or counter
3) Flyers for your counter (*With your QRcode for quick scanning)
* Create your own company QRcode the place over the one we have - Link / Easy to use

Selections -
Sticker #1
- (We Support Local Businesses)

Sticker #2 - (We Support Locally Owned Businesses)
Sticker #3 -
(Guide to Shops, Products and Services)
Sticker #4 -
(The Beverly Hills of Orange County)

Options on:
1. Profile Page -
Dedicated Location. Example: Company Name
2. Special Offers - A Listing and link to your offer.

Options on additional website(s)

Special discount offer when
advertising on more than one website.
Examples: Other city websites, Food related websites,
product related websites.

CouponsAtoZ,com Program: - Small Banner - Small Table - Medium - Large